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Midgetaliens Reconmended Morrowind Mods 2011

With all the the lists floating about about graphical replacers and making morrowind seem more up to date than it is, I thought that another list wouldnt hurt. I thought to myself; I use a mixture of the the reconmened mods from various lists and graphic overhauls to create my own unquie morrowind and thought that perhaps it might benifit others to see the list that I use and help fill in any gaps that they are missing.

The list is split into categories with Texture Replacers being a seperate category. Essentially I just wanted this to be a mesh replacer list but thought that textures make up for about 80% of a mesh looking good. Any texture fixes/uv corrections will be placed in their respected categories (rather than just listed under "texture replacers").


Bug Fixes:

Morrowind Code Patch
Unoffical Morrowind Patch (BTB's edited version)
Correct Meshes
Poorly Placed objects fix
Texture Fix
- Texture Fix Bloodmoon
Cave Texture Fix
Correct UV Rocks
On the Rocks (Install after correct UV rocks )
Diverse Ore Veins
- Correct Diverse Ore Veins (Install after Diverse Ore Veins)
Ebony armor Fixes
Ring Texture Fix
Steel Broadsword Fix


Animation Compilation
Animtated Morrowind I (NPC replacer only)
Animated Morrowind II (NPC Replacer Only)

Icons, Hud, Birthsigns and Menus:

Magic Icon Border
Ultimate Icon Replacer
Hi'res menu and scroll replacer
Paper Rexture
Birthsign Textures
Level Up Screens


Better Bodies
Better Heads
Better Beasts
Tel Mora Head Replacer
Dagon Fel Head Replacer
Khuul Headreplacer

Clothing and Armor:

Better Clothes
-Better Clothes Texture Replacer
Better Clothes Tribunal
More Better Clothes
Better Bodies Slave Bracer
Robe Replacer
Detailed armor(NOTE: There are issueis with clipping with lges when moving)
- Darknuts Armor Texures
Unique Finery Replacer
-Unique Jewelry and Accessories
Necromancers Amulet replacer(Install after Unique Finery and Unique Jewelry & accessories)
Sarano Ebony Helm replacer (use the Sarano Ebony Helm esp)
Graff the White Helm Replacer
Dark Brotherhood Replacer
Darksun Shield Replacer
Insanitysorrows Sheilds (Aureil Shield replacer)
New Bloodworm Helm (helm 2 is my personnal favorite)


Weapon Collection (Install this first, then Darknuts Little Weapons Mod Followed by the rest of the replacers in this section)
Darknuts Little Weapons Mod Complete (install this after  Weapon Collection (above) but before any of the following weapon replacers)
Iron Mesh Improvements
Iron Mesh Improvements
Oriental Mesh Improvements: Uniques
Particle Arrow replacer
True True Flame
Staff of Carnal Channeling Replacer
Fang of Haynekhtnamet replacer
Umbra Replacement
Ice Blade of the Monarch replacer
Dagger of Symmachus replacer
Chrysamere replacer
Adamantium Calymore Replacer


Telvanni Exterior UV correction
- Hi'Res Telvanni Texture replacer


Divine Dagoth Ur
Vivec God Replacer
Better Scamp
Better Winged Twilight
Better Corpus Stalkers


Pluginless No Glow
Mesh Improvements
Smoothened Meshes(Install after Mesh Improvements)
Better Meshes(Install after Smoothened Meshes)
Better Skulls
Shiny septims
Silverware Enhancer
Containers (install before better Kegs)
Misc Items replacer (Install before Flask replacer)
Flask Replacer
Bottle Replacer
Alchemy Essentails (Just the smoother meshes/textures esp)
Raw Adamantium Mesh and Icon Replacer
Key Replacer
Daedric Key Replacer
Moonsugar Replacer
Guar Skin Drum Replacer
Better picks and Probes
Better Soul Gems
Smoother Potion Meshes
Better Kegstand (Install last to avoid conflicts with other mesh replacers)
Swamp scum replacer

Texture Replacers:

Book Jackets:Morrowind/Tribunal/Bloodmoon
Detailed Rugs
Detailed Tapestries
Sharp Banners
Lava Retexture
Silt Strider Rextexture
The Divines
Sail Cloth Rexture
Thy Spirits, Thy Lords
Underwater Static Replacer
Dwemer Plans and Schematics
Creature Textures Morrowind
- Tribunal
- Bloodmoon
Set in stone (statue texture repalcer)
You just got frescoed
Propylon Pillar replacer
Cart Cloth
Water Falls
Signy Signposts
Telvanni Shrooms

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