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Argonian Mod list


New Beast Bodies by Liztail - Similar to what Better Bodies does for the human races, this mod replaces the segmented Argonian and Khajiit bodies with smooth deforming ones with seamless textures.

better beasts by Spectclesofdoom

Slof's Better Beasts This puts the BB meshes onto the beasties, while still retaining their clawed hands and feet and animated tails

Head/Hair Packs

Westly's Master Head Pack - Adds new heads and hairs for Argonians. Pic 1 Pic 2

Bravo's Argonians v1.1 - adds new heads and hair for argonians. Kinda like Better heads but for argonians.

Silaria's Argonian heads and hairs - Adds new heads and hairs for Argonians, some high quality meshes and some of the first to have new styles of hair for Argonians.


White Argonians by Boethiah539 - Adds a better bodies white argonian race that is playable to the game.

Shadowscales by Xenn -This mod adds Argonian Shadowscales as a new, lore-based race. They are darker in color than normal Argonians, and have skills based around stealth abilities.


First Guard Armor - New Armor Type for Beast Races

Fang of Haynekhtnamet Replacer - Replaces the Fang of Haynekhtnamet. "Black Marsh was once known to be inhabited with what the Argonians called the Wamasus. Northern men considered them to be intelligent dragons with lightning for blood. One such mighty beast, Haynekhtnamet, was slain by the Northern men, though it took 7 days and nights, and a score of men. One of the surviving men took a fang home as a trophy. The fang was carved down into a blade and fashioned into a small dagger. The Dagger mysteriously houses some of the beast's magical properties and grants the user the ability to do shock damage on an opponent."

Beast Leggings By Adul - his mod adds special boots to the game called leggings, designed especially for beast races. If you play a character of any beast race who wears armor then consider checking this out.

boots for beasts by Morrowmoddder- Allows beasts to wear boots

Argony Armor. An oldie but a goodie - A simple retexture of glass armour this mod adds "Argony armor" in the game. Worth a look.

Argony Armor complete. Same as above but with more armor parts.

Argonian Armor Sets by Quorn. This adds an NPC to the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart that sells Crabshell and Leafweave equipment from Black Marsh. Leafweave is a material that once prepared is resilient and tough, used in armor for flexibility, and in weapons for it's edge. Crabshell is crafted from the shells of mudcrabs from Black Marsh, when once prepared protect as well as steel.

Wesk's Thief Shop Stop. From the Readme: You know Wesk, and his little thief shop. Have you ever visited? NO! well then you might as well take a peek in Balmora and check his shop out. Any Thief would be glad to see his pretty face and maybe he has a bit of work for you.

Hist Armor. New armor for argonians. screenshot here.

Silicon Bros Argonians This plugin adds a small adventure for a levelled hero, during which you can obtain a lot of new items. First of all, this plugin adds a variety of light argonian armors, new weapons, some shields, new magical ring and some misc items
of argonian routine.

Silicon Bro's Items Adds alot of new items/weapons/armor parts to the game some of which are argonian themed.


Comes-By-Road: Healer Companion. An Argonian Companion. Comes-By-Road is a pilgrim and former healer looking for protection as he starts out on the road to enlightenment. In exchange for your protection, he will heal you and your companions when needed and cast some other useful spells when asked. At higher levels he may also be useful in combat.

Nevena's Ex-Slaves & Partners. Allows you to turn freed slaves into companions. ( and partners if you so wish.) Could be useful to those argonians who are acting as a twin lamps representative?

Chazz's SWB companion WARNING: This mod contains a little bit of swearing. Adds an Argonian Companion

Scales the companion adds a level 20 argonian warrior that follows you around and fights for you. he is located in seyda neen.


The Light of Freedom Over 20 new quests, 30+ NPCs, new weapons and armor. This is about Ral-Jitar, an Argonian knight, about herself and her family, friends and foes. Also has lots of info about Argonian culture.

Chu-Bran's Treasure Chu-Bran is an Argonian slave who needs your help. He can reward you with a very useful "Bottomless Quiver"

Shrine to Hides-His-Sword Adds a small, hard to find, shrine dedicated to an escaped slave named Hides-His-Sword.

Shimbatha's Quest - An Argonian warrior named Shimbatha from the Black Marsh sends you on a quest for his axe


Argonian Village by Adanorcil - A treetop village in the mangrove forest to the far east of Tel Branora. No quests, just a nice little village with some bonuses here and there.

Argonian Village Expanded by Midgetalien. his Mod exapnds upon the Argonian Village mod by Adanorcil by adding a house for the player. It just adds an extension to the treetop village to include Leeb-na Waj house. Talking to Leeb-na Waj reveals his desire to leave the village and offers to sell the player his house. Once you have brought the house Leeb-na Waj will then leave to explore the rest of the world. The house is nothing special, it just keeps with the simple design with the rest of the village. It has plenty of containers for storing your goods but it is meant for a more simplisitc charcter.

Riller Mosh BETA version 3.1 by Avrahama, updated by Midgetalien. Riller-Mosh was a landmass reource released by Avrahama back in 2007 based around Argonian lore and concept. His origonal BETA version 1.3 can be downloaded here: click me. It has sinced been updated by Midgetalien to version 3.1 BETA. The mod is essentially a landmass mod based in the region of Riller-Mosh. A secluded Argonian landmass near morrowind. Just like the Black Marsh the Hist used to thrive in Riller-Mosh
untill imperial invasion saw almost all of the Hist Trees destroyed. Dunmer slave practices in Black marsh, combined with the violent history from the destruction of the Hist on Riller-Mosh had seen the Argonians of Riller-Mosh close their boarders. However, recently they have opened up again due to the changing empire and the change in attitudes towards slavery.

GS_Black_Marsh South East of Seyda Neen you could find a boat that will take you to the Black Marsh region, in the bandit cove of Last Sand or in the imperial town of Stormhold.


Swamp Oil by Zlianzs - This new potion, called swamp oil, is made from processed swamp goo. Though the drink has fortifying properties, it is also very poisonous, and thus is only popular among poison-immune Argonians.

Somnalius Plant. A modders resource of the Somnalius plant that Grows native to black marsh but also found in other proviences.

Vissed. A modders resource containing a Black Marsh Inspired Creature. Vissed are small reptile scavanges that roam in small packs in the black marsh.They walk on two legs and stand between knee and waist hieght. They have a weak attack but they provide a posion attack, which in large groups can make any warrior falter. Some also carry a desiease - "flesh rot" - which drains the the user of strength and endurance. Its not sure if the desiease is a natural evolution effect of the Vissed as its designed to weaken the prey over along period of time - as scanvangers Vissed prefer their prey to be dead or as close as possible. However some argue that only since a few cases of Vissed bites result in the infection of "flesh rot" many argue that the desisease is due to rotting dead flesh that can attach itself in the Visseds teeth - resulting in infection when bitten.

Argonian Wings All argonians have wings, and male argonians are bigger, MUCHO bigger.Stats have been readjusted as well.


Argonian Lore This is a set of five books that flesh out the lore for the Argonians. There are five books, one four-part volume called "Argonian Lore for Outsiders" written by my in-game character, Meej-Dar, and a book called "Life Among the Beasts" by a Breton author called Pierre Baudelaire

From Argonia With Love This is a book detailing a specific story inside of the rarely discussed Argonian slave trade.

I'll Be Back...In Black Marsh This is the sequel From Argonia with Love. The book is about a the Argonian slave trade.

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