Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Well placed, Smooth, HD, UV correct meshes List

This is not a list of texture replacers, it is not a list of new models.

This a list of IMPROVEMENT to origonal meshes - such as smoothing out the strange angles that Bethesda put on everything, correcting UV's so textures dont look pulled and distorted and also all those floating objectd, cracks and mis aligned items that plauge our game! essentially its a mesh replacement list, but with a more specific function!

(List is sorted by install order)

Correct Meshes
Poorly placed object fix
Mesh Improvements
Better Meshes plus optimisation
HD Architechture Meshes
AOF Containers
Better Kegstands
Alchemy Essentials (Only install the smoother alchemy apparatus - unless you want the rest of the mod )
Smoothened Mesh REq's
Smooth/Round Potions
Bottle Replacer
Iron Ladle replacer
Iron Mesh Improvements
Iron Mesh Improvements (Uniques)
Oriental Mesh Improvements
TElvanni Exterior UV fix
Mesh Fix

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