Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Expanded Morrowind Mod list

This mod list is designed to cater for those that are looking for town expansions, new settlements and more land to explore. While there is already a settlement expansion modlist this list focuses primarly on compatibility rather than listing all avalible options.

I have avoided large towns like Ald'Rhun, Balmora and Vivec - simply because there are so many other mods that would conflict with them regardless.

You will find here not only town expansions but New towns and mods that add more detail to towns.

As for landmasses I have decided only to select those that will not and do not (including future releases) conflict with Tamriel Rebuilt - so you wont find the likes of Wizard Island, Havish or Sea of destiny here.

Town/settlment Expansions

New Seyda Neen

New Gnisis

Khuul Expanded

More Detailed Places - Gnaar Mok

More Detailed Places - Fort Buckmoth

More Detailed Places - Dagon Fel

More Detailed Places - Maar Gan

More Detailed Places - Sadrith Mora

More Detailed Places - Ebonheart

Vos Expansion

New Gnaar Mok

Chapels of Vvardenfell

New Towns

Redaynia Vilage

Starstone outpost
- Robe and tunic fix
- Starstone shields
- Starstone outpost addon 1
- Starstone outpost addon 2
- Starstone outpost addon 3


Fields of Kummu Expanded

Norn City


New Land

Tamriel Rebuilt

Northern Winds

Morning Star Island

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