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Necromancer Mod list

A list for the Necromancers out there!


Standard Skeleton Race
by Boghdan Morrostone.  A skeleton Race mod with various diffrent skeletons.

Deadite Race Better Bodies
by staticnation. Adds two new races, Deadites and Night Stalkers. Deadites (nameinspired by Sam Raimi's Evil Dead Trilogy) are evil undead thatare primarily oriented around spellcasting, though their icy gripgives them a small Hand-to-hand bonus. The Night Stalkers recieve bonuses to their spellcasting abilities, but also rely on stealth to track their prey. Also includes "evil birthsigns".

Bags of Bones
by Fallen One.This plugin adds the original MW skeleton creature as a functional, playable race.You can choose 2 different skull heads, with and without the jawbone, both based on the vanilla skel head.

Also includes wearable Lich Robes.


35 Classes that should already exist
by Holey Studios. Adds a Necromancer Class as well as many other classes

Class Abilities
by Balathustrius. A sub-class mod. Adds new special abilities and powers to the PC dependent on class including a Necromancer sub-class. Necromancers start with the ability to summon undead servants and curse their foes.



Necromancers Robe
by evertebrate. A Robe made for Necromancers

MP*Canus' Necromantic Robe
. Adds a Robe suited for Necromancers.

Necromancers Amulet
by Michael Bennett. Replaces the Necromancers amulet with a new mesh. A Skull with a golden dagger through it.

Daggerfall Style Necromancers Amulet
by Psymoniser.This gives the Necromancers Amulet a unique mesh and icon in the style of the Daggerfall version of the same Artifact. The stats of the amulet have not been changed in any way.

Unique Finery Replacer UFR
by Alaisiagae. Amoungst other things this mod gives necromancer items ( Such as necromancer's amulet, Vampiric ring) a makeover.

Bonelord Robe
by Melchior. This mod makes the robes you see the bonelords wearing lootable and then equippable by the player. ( While not a necromancer mod per-say it suites a necromancer well.)

Fine Necromancer Robe
by t-d-r. Adds a fine "HD" necromancer robe to the seydaneen lighthouse.

Morrowind Necromancer Robe
by t-d-r. Another Necromancer Robe


Unique Armor Replacer Bloodworm UAR
by         Alaisiagae. Gives the Bloodworm helm a modified mesh with a new icon.

Necro Armor
by millinghordesman. A fully reskinned set of armor, Necro Armor uses custom textures derived from the base Morrowind skeleton textures to create a quality set of Medium Armor designed just for Necromancers

New Bloodworm Helm
by Kalamestari_69. This mod will replace the old ugly bloodworm helm with newmeshes, and icons. Also this will make it to what it was inOblivion, changing the spelleffect to fortify your conjuration( Constant effect) and while equiped, it will add spell calledEssence Drain to your spell list ( It will be removed once you unequip the helm)



Staff of Carnal Channeling
Replacer by Midgetalien. This mod replaces the Staff of Carnal Channeling with a better mesh to make it suite a necromancer. It also changes the base enchanment.


Illuminated Order
by C.J. Devito & LDones. Adventure into unknown depths, and plunge into the greatest mysteries of Vvardenfell with the Illuminated Order!Seek out and utilize strange and powerful artifacts, unlike anything seen before! And at the end of it all, have the opportunity to become a powerful lich!

Illuminated order particle effect lich head
by Boethiah539. This mod imply replaces the head of the lich with a particle effect head with a blue mana glow. Requires Iluminated order.

Rise of the Illuminated Lich
by Psycholex, the Architect. A "house mod" of sorts - more of a dungeon, for you lich character.

. Another Lich mod:A forgotten book in the Secret Library of Vivec leads the player to a series of tasks which must be completed in order to perform The Ritual Of Becoming.

Tel Scelestus (Creature Binding Mod)
by MC. This mod sends you on a few short quests, after which, the player will be able to bind any creature he kills to himself as a companion using a soulgem and alchemical ingredients. More details in the ReadMe.

Apostates to Oblivion
: Beyond the Realms of Death by Atropos. join a coven known as The Strix. People being abducted by creatures of the night for a terrible ritual. Something traumatic enough that none of the victims will talk about it. The era is about to end, and there are factions and powers getting ready for the day when Oblivion will unleash the hordes upon the land. Suited for mage type characters.

The Wraith Collector by Midgetalien
. Gain powers by capturing the souls of a Wraith and using a dark altar to transfer there power to you.Each wraith soul grants the player a fortify magicka bounus 1pt and a weaknessto magick bounus 1pt upto a maximum of 50 pts. Includes a small "lair" that the player can use as a home.

Scouge of the Lich Father Acts 1&2
by Dan T. These plug-ins make up a gripping adventure that adds new quests, weapons, locations, characters & monsters to the realm of VVardenfell.

The Raven
by Von Djangos. Makes Sorkvild a talkative trader/enchanter with a unique voice, unique dialogue, and a short but interesting series of quests.

Amulet of Scrye
by Ivza. Adds a quest to obtain an amulet that allows you to commune with the dead.

by Bolgo The Madd. This develops the Sharn Necromancer quest to be a fuller experience for the player, while maintaining the original scope of the quest.

Necromancer Quest
by Eriadan. Do a quest with at least four ways to complete it, and receive the ability to animate skeletons as a bonus (if you do it the right way).

Black Robe, Tunic and Armor
by Cerebrecl. While not a specific Necromancer mod, the black robe would be a good choice for any budding necromancer

Companions/Dark minions/Summoning

Blasphemous Revenants
by Fliggerty. Learn the art of gathering corpses, preparing them for arcane rituals, and summoning and commanding vast armies of the dead.

Skeleton Necromancer
byTalonhoff. With this mod, you can now summon bone wolves, skeleton mages, and skeleton archers. But necromancy comes at a heavy price. The Silence spell will now be placed upon the caster for the duration of the summoning spell.

Way of the Necromancer
by Balathustrius. Adds the ability to raise (permanent) Undead minions, that your mage can master the Dark Arts of Necromancy and know true Power. This power comes at a grim cost, however...

Beasts of Burden: Necromancer
by WetWareV7. Allows you to raise (17 different) undead creatures on the fly with no time limit, and no limit to number of raised creatures, through a mixture of ingredients, spellcasting, health, and fatigue investment

Locust 1.4
by dingosky95. Adds a necromancer companion

Boneman's Oath
by Magius. Adds the ability to summon a skeleton, ghost and bonewalker through ritual methods

Necromancy Realism by Doormouse.With this mod, necromancy gains a whole new level of play. Use your conjuration skill to resurrect corpses to create eleven different undead minions, including skeleton warriors, archers, and wizards that can be equipped with weapons and armor.

. A fellow necromancer who just so happens to be a companion


Necromancer Abode
by Mosrael. This mod adds an underground imperial dungeon style home with an entrance just north of Balmora on the eastern bank of the Odai catered for a Necromancer.

Ravenloft by Bantari
. Large housemod that also has an area for Necromancers.

Tomb by DragonHonor. This adds another player home to the game, geared to the vampire/necromancer,or any who would find living in a tomb appealing. Just outside of Seyda Neen it includes 5 rooms


Undead: arise from death
by Arcimaestro Antares. Adds new undead creatures to the world. Technically not a necromancer mod.

Goris the Maggot King
by Midgetalien. Gives Goris a facelift and some unique items that any budding Necromancer may find useful

Magical Trinkets of Tamriel Volume 4
by Chris Woods. Adds many magical based items to the game some of which are necromantic in nature. There is a patch by John Moonsugarthat reduces the ammount of loot in levelled lists and a patch by sandman which makes the necromantic minions created more upto scratch with summons (as well as preventing them from drowning)

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