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Lore Correct Armor

About this list

Inspired by BebopMagnum in a thread on the offical forums I realised just how much morrowind lacked in complete sets and how many mods out there fixed this and expanded the vanillia sets.

So i decided to compile them all into a list, as there is quite a few.

What this list is / is not

This list is an attempt to complete morrrowinds armors by using mods that add the missing parts. It also will list the expansions of the armors, and only lore-correct armor will be listed (no UBER - CRUSADER ARMOR or similar type armors will be found here.)

This is not a list of every armor  ever made, as already pointed out it will only list expansions to vanilla armor and include lore correct armor (such as shalk armor)

The Links

Indoril Greaves
Adds Indoril Greaves to all generic Ordinators - Pic

Dragonbone Pauldrons
Adds a pair of matching pauldrons for the Dragonbone Cuirass, which may be found next to wherever Dragonbone Cuirass would be found. See readme for info.

Dragonbone Armor
This plugin adds the missing armor to match the Dragonbone Cuirass available in the game. The armor added include the greaves, the boots, the gauntlets, and the pauldrons. These pieces are scattered throughout Vvardenfell. Pic

Full Dragonscale Armor
Adds Complete Dragonscale Armor set to Smith in Vivec FQ. The way Dragonscale should have been. pic

Tsaesci Dragonscale Armour
A lore-correct armor. It adds a new set of armor, similar to dragonscale armor (black and silver version) to the game. Pic

Imperial Dragonscale Armor RELOADED
Lore-Correct armor based of Dragonscale armor.n order to get it, you will need to advance through the ranks of the Legion and become the Knight of the Garland and challenge Varus Vantinius to an honorable duel in the Arena. Pic

Imperial Studded Armor Set
Completes the set of imperial studded leather armor, save for a helm and shield. pic

Newtscale Armor Resource
adds greaves, gauntlets, boots, and pauldrons to the newtscale armor set. Pic

Imperial Chain Pieces Resource- Gauntlets, Boots
adds gauntlets and boots to complete the Imperial Chain Armor set, save for a shield. pic

Complete Nordic Trollbone
This resource adds boots, greaves, pauldrons, and bracers to the trollbone armor set. Pic

Dreugh Armor Set Resource
This resource adds boots, greaves, pauldrons, and bracers to the dreugh armor set. pic

Chitin Armor Resource/Updates
This resource has new armor pieces, updates older pieces and adds new icons to the chitin armor set. figured as chitin is one of the more common armors in vvardenfell, there should be more styles to it like the bonemold. An expansion to chitin armor in short. pic

Goblin Armor
makes some of the goblin armor wearable. The armor is in leveled lists on all of the goblins except the two warchief's. They will each have a helm in their inventory instead. The armor is 4 different pauldron types, 2 different bracer types, 1 helm, 1 tunic, and 1 pair of boots. pic

Shalk Armor
Lore-correct armor.This plugin adds a suit of Shalk Armor, a black heavy armor made from the shells of the large Shalk Beetles of Morrowind.

Shalk Lite Armor
Another lore-correct armor mod based on shalk armor. pic

Silt Strider Armor
lore-correct armor mod. This mod adds a new set of lore-friendly armor to the game of Morrowind. The armor is based off of the silt strider husks you see laying around the Ashlands. pic

Adamantium shields
Adds Shields to the adamantium armor set. Includes round and tower shields. pic

Royal Guard Addon RGA
Adds shields to the Royal Guard armor set. Pic

Ebony open Helm
Adds an ebony open helm for the ebony armor

Full Glass Armor
Adds a Glass Full Helm and Glass Gauntlets to the game. Pic

Glass Gauntlets
Adds Glass Gauntlets to the game. pic

Xaedon's Dreugh Armor
Male and female versions of Dreugh armor includes:
Dreugh Pauldrons (L&R)...Bracers (L&R)...Greaves...Boots...Tower Shield, and the Dreugh Mask Helm (closed)

H.E.L.L.U.V.A. Awesome Armor
The Completion Project - Attempts to complete all of the armor sets to include female cuirasses. It will conflict with any armor replacer. pic

Templar Shield
Adds a shield in game to match the templar armor set

LeFemm Armor
Offical armor, taliored for women

Godly Masks
Adds in masks of almalexia, hircine, dagoth ur and sotha sil. Can be found on the corpses of their respective god.

The Almalexia Project
The Almalexia armor is based on the armor of the goddess Almalexia in the game. pic

Mixed Indoril and Daedric armor
An indoril set made daedric. Lore correct, who says you cant get daedric ordinators? pic

Netch Adamantium Armor
The Netch Adamantium Armor, Pure Forged Adamantium Plated onto Netch Leather. pic

Netch Adamantium Armor Add-on
adds a helm for the netch adimantium armor. pic

sotha sill As armor Race
Adds Sotha Sill Armor to the game

Westly Presents- Better Body Golden Saint Race and Armour
Another Golden Saint armor mod. pic

Ashlandic Marauder Armor
Bonemold and ebony armor. pic

Vivec Race and Armor
Allows wearable vivec armor, as well as a playable race.

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