Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Searching for Mods

This blog is meant to be a compilation of all my mod lists and is not a search engine or a file hosting/download service.  You will find on this site links to various mods catergorised in theme and similarites to each other. 

But for the new mod users out there I thought it would be handy to put together a quick search guide - so please enjoy :)


1) searching for mods

Searching for mods can be a long process and it helps to know where most of the mods can be found. Many can be found in mod lists like this one and nearly all are hosted on large sites with databases containing thousands of mods.
It’s worth knowing the main sites as not all Solsthiem mods will be included in this list and you may wish to go out and explore what others exist.
The mains sites are:

See the recommended reading section for links to guides which give more in-depth information about mod searching and using the above sites

2) Recommended Reading

If you’re new to using mods then this mod list might be the last place you’d want to check. While I have provided information on how to install and search for mods that’s about all the information I am going to provide. Simply put there’s a lot out there that can help you set up and use Morrowind mods.

I recommend checking out Plutos mod recommendations for new players. It will help ease you into the process of adding and using mods as well as providing a useful amount of information on what mods are and how to use them.

Once you’ve mastered that I recommend Povuholo’s morrowind 2010 andPart 2. It provides information and links to improve and upgrade your morrowind to “2010”. Included in there are bug fixes and graphical updates. I recommend you read through this simply because the mods for Bloodmoon work off the same principles talked about in this thread. Think of Povuholo’s Morrowind 2010 as the companion to the Solsthiem modlist

The final bit of reading is the forums offical pinned threads on mods. It help you to understand what a mod is and what it does and hopefully make you feel more comfortable in using this mod list

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