Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Diablo Mod list

For the Diablo fans :D


Fallen one's weapon pack - Contains crystal sword and Flamberge
Excotic weaponary - Contains Katars
Throwing vials - Diablo 2 inspired throwing vials
Boneshields - Diablo 2 Bone shields
Devil Slayer set - No new meshes/textures. Just effects. Adds devil armor and devil slayer sword to the game.
Bone Helm - diablo 2 inspired bone helm
Diablo object pack - Contains weapons, shields, objects and furniture from diablo


The Hungry dead - diablo influenced zombies
Diablo creatures pack 1 - Contains diablo creatures.
Diablo creatures 2 - A pack of diablo creatures, also has a few "updated meshes" of pack 1
Diablotians/devils - Daiblo inspired imps
Halls of Destiny - contains a duriel type creature


set armor - makes Umbras armor "set armor". Meaning you gain bonuses from wearing the full armor.
Indentify system - Adds the identify system from the daiblo games to morrowind. Allows players to identify new weapons. Also has set items and new weapons/shields


MJY mod resources 2 - Contains diablo head and horns

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