Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Balmora Mod list

This modlist came into creation when I was looking for mods to fill up Balmora. Balmora is my favorite city in the game and it came as no surprise that the town has LOTS of mods. Alot of my favorite mods use Balmora: Beast of burden Guar, The Doors, PC clothier, Lucky lock up appartment - to name but a few.

As for Balmora Exansion/Expanded - while it is a great mod it makes my Balmora lag as hell, and to be honest it over does it on the mod front!

Now a couple of things before we get to the mod

  • Cheat mods - There will be overpowering cheat mods on the list. BUT you dont have to download them.*
  • Incomplete - The modlist is not finale! And it is therefor subject to change as I see fit. Some mods may go others may be added
  • Not compatible with BE - It stands to good reason that this mod list is incompatable with Balmora Exapanded.
  • Conflicts with each other - There could be ( I havent fully checked yet ) coflicts between the mods on this modlist. I will do my best to ensure this isnt the case.
  • Not to all tastes - This modlist is a list of mods that should all add to Balmora. As such not every mod on here will be to your tastes.

The mod list also isnt just a list of mods that expand upon Balmora but also add items to Balmora. These mods will all be in their respected section, if one cannot be found then they will be placed under misc ( same as any other mod that has no catergory.) So for example if a mod adds a new weapon to Balmora Mages guild then the mod will be placed under the section Guilds

Also where possible there will be patches released to remove GMST's and Dirty refrences to provide ultimate compatability.**

Now that is all out of the way its time for the mods

* Those mods that are considered a cheat will be marked with a colour codded system based upon the exent of the cheat. Think of it as a cheat system. The system is as follows:
minimal cheat content, low cheat content, mid cheat content, high cheat content

** Mods which have dirty GMST's will be marked as so [
GMSTs] and thos with dirty refrences will be marked as so [D Ref]


Lucky Lockup Appartment

Balmora Thief Hideout

Caius' Basement

Agents of solitude

*** Houses in guilds are located undersection

Business sim

Lucky Lockup Additions

PC Clothier
and Patch

Balmora Fighters Club


Balmora Market Stall

Zaab the Trader


Alleyway Trader

Zed the Merchant

Wesk's Theif Shop Stop

Azriel the Merchant
and Addon


Beasts of Burden



Balmora NPC Expansion

Balmora Extras


Fighter's Guild Home

Balmora Mages Guild Abode

Summonable Ice Sword

Sgaileach's Illustrated Book of Alchemy

Theives Guild Tunnel System

Temple Apartment


Sleep with the Fishes

The Magic Rings

Morag Tong - Methas Hlaalu

The Tomb

Balmora Council Club


Better Balmora River

The Doors

Hidden Room
[Cheat] [D Refs]

Shakti's Book of Secrets

Mana Recharge Enchantment

Balmora University

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