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Reconmended Bloodmoon Mods

There are many mod lists out there that cover all sorts of themes from mods for new users to Drow mods. There was also a Solstheim mod list on the forums but that had no links and was centred on a collection of main mods.

With this mod list I am attempting to find mods which can make Solsthiem a more enjoyable experience and with conflicts at a minimum. So while you may not all agree with my choices – it is essentially a mod list catered to my own desires, needs and wants.


With all good mod lists it helps to point the players in the direction of Graphical Updates. So below are the ones that I think will provide a nice clean Graphical update to Solsthiem. The order of the graphic mods represents the installation order as textures will override each other.

Bloodmoon Landscape Overhaul

Solstheim Trees & Bushes Replacer

Lazy's Grand Solstheim

Lazy’s Skaal Retexture

Lazy’s Raven Rock Retexture


Book Jackets - Bloodmoon

Vality’s Ice Caverns enhanced

Darknut’s Creature textures:Bloodmoon

Darknuts Little Weapons Mod Complete

Clear Ice Equipment

Staff of Carnal Channelling Replacer

Alternate Werewolf Textures

Darknuts MW armor retextures

Note: The following graphical replacers must be installed in this order:

Better Heads
-Better heads Dunmer Texture Fix
-Eyes for Better Heads*
-Eye Candy for Eyes of Better heads*

Better Bodies v2.4**

New Beast Bodies**
 -unique beast shadows

Better clothes
Patch for Better Clothes

More Better Clothes***

Better Clothes Tribunal***
2 Tribunal Shirts***

Better Textures for Robes***
Better Fitting gloves***
Better Slave Bracers ***

Better Clothes Bloodmoon Plus

Morrowind Close Fitting Clothing

*Eyes for Better Heads and the Eye candy addon are optional extras
**Better bodies/Beasts is needed in order to use the Better clothes replacers

***These "better clothes" mods are added here for the sake of completion. They do not have any effect on Solsthiem/Bloodmoon but are worth having.

Bug fixes

Morrowind is not a bug free game and neither was its expansion Bloodmoon. But needless to say the community has come up with many bug fixes to help eleminate these errors.

The main file is the Morrowind Patch Project - it is an extnesive bug fix for morrowind, bloodmoon and tribunal. It is the one and only bug fix mod that you should need.

Morrowind Patch Project

The mods listed below are all fixed in the Morrowind Patch Project, so you shouldnt use them together. I have listed the bugfixes mainly for those who dont use/wont use/cant use the Morrowind Patch Project.

Bloodmoon Patch

Snow Bear Boots fix

BM Wolf Greaves fix

BM Female armor fixes

Female Ice Gauntlet Fix 
Note:this fix is also included in the BM Female armor fixes mod above. Do not use both.

East Empire Essentials

Bloodmoon EEC Stock Certificate fix

Town expansions and Additions

Solstheim, even though it’s a winter wasteland has that empty type of feeling to it. Thirsk seems way to small even given its rubbish explanation of the last 500 years (people just move away?! Where to then?).  So this section contains the mods which make Solstheim feel less frontier and more countryside.

Thirsk Expansion

Felsaad Revamped

Note: Contains 3 ESPs:Fortified Thirsk, Cliffs of Fjalding,Skaal Forest. Fortified Thirsk works with Thirsk Expansion (above). Use Cliffs of Fjalding and Skaal Forest at your own risk - they make many changes to landscape and may conflict with other mods on this list.

Fort Frostmoth’s Docks enhanced

Bloodskaal House

Frostmoth Repaired

Sea of Solsthiem


The Fauna of Solsthiem is unique in its own way and breaks away from what is common on Morrowind but it could use some fleshing out and rebalancing! So this section is dedicated to such mods. The daddy of all creature mods: Creatures X can be considered the “base” pack here. As well as adding ton’s of new creatures to Morrowind the mod also touches upon Solsthiem!

Creatures X

Frost Giant



Bloodmoon Creatures

Frost Atronachs on Solsthiem

Better Solsthiem Creatures

Reikling Raiders Reflect Reduced

Draugr Deathlord


Werewolf Companion

Mercenary Pack - Bloodmoon Add-On
requires Mercenary Pack

Bear companion

Skaal Companion - Ulfgaar

Skaal Companion - Corana

Rolf gro-tunsta


What’s a mod list of recommended mods if it doesn’t include anything for the budding alchemists out there? In this section you can find anything from Alchemist books to new ingredients. Anything that deals with the sacred art of Alchemy.

Druid Alchemy


Stalhrim and Adamantium Respawn

Belladonna Tweak

Belladonna for sale

Berserker Potions

Clothing, Armour and Weapons

Well now, with all the graphics, expansions and critters out of the way let’s get to the grits of it. We all need more armour and weapons to add to our collection and this is where you can find it! Included here are armour and weapon updates for those already found on Solsthiem as well new stuff for the budding Nord! Also included in the list are items (armor/weapons) that are added to creatures.

Skaal Shields

Snow Prince Enhanced

Missing Snow Armour

Nord Leg Enchantment

Armor of the dead

Udyrfrykte Arrows

Nord amulets

Female Ice Armor replacer

Female Ice Gauntlet Fix

Bloodmoon Armor Fix

Cave Bear Armor - dead link

Frost Axe

Bloodmoon Extras (adds two new weapons, one shield, one creature to the game using unused meshes from Bloodmoon)

Bloodmoon Brynjolfr Armor - Dead link

Divine Domina series

The Divine Domina series gets a mini section all by itself becuase theres so much of it! Started by Jeremy McGuinn and continued by CanadianIce**, this series of mods improves the female curiass for all armors. The meshes are based upon the Divine Domina mesh from the offical Bethesda plugin LeFemm Armor.

The following mods replace the female curiass of all armors, I have included all non-bloodmoon ones as well jsut for the sake of complition. Also included here are Candian Ice's continuation of the series, Mr.Magics BB compatibility, Adam Zsoldos female Iron replacer and Darknuts re-textures. Please install the mods in the order I have listed here to help maximise compatibility.

Those looking only for the Bloodmoon armors should download Divine Domina 5, CanadianIce's Domina Madness: Female Nordic & Ice Cuirass Replacer and Domina Madness: Female Wolf & Snow Wolf Cuirass Replacer.

LeFemm Armor

Divine Domina 1
Divine Domina 2
Divine Domina 3
Divine Domina 4
Divine Domina 5

Domina Madness: Female Nordic & Ice Cuirass Replacer
Female Wolf & Snow Wolf Cuirass Replacer

Divine Domina Update: Better Bodies compatbility

Darknut's Armor Textures Divine Domina

Mistress Miaura`s Black Domina texture replacer

Female Iron Cuirass Mesh Replacer

**to download CanadianIces mods you need to register at her forum

Dungeons and Quests

With an island the size of Solsthiem you’d expect it to have its fair share of places to explore and quests to complete; and thats what you can find here! So sharpen your sword and pack your bags and prepare to explore!

The Neverhalls

The Forgottenhalls

Caverns of Clan Ronark

Telos Rin Graveyard

Spriggans Tear


Misc – things and do what’s.
So we get to the end of the mod list but it’s the best till last! Any other mod that doesn’t fit into the above sections can be found here! Ever wanted to start the game on Solsthiem? Or perhaps wanted more travel options around the isle? Look no further!

Solsthiem Alternnate beginning

Scouts services

Bloodmoon Ammo Fix

Less Generic Bloodmoon

Regionally Known WereWolves

Things of Intrest

This section goes beyond misc mods. Its the section where you look for Nord related stuff that doesnt have anything to do with Solsthiem. While I cold fill this section wit hall sorts of mods, I decided that as its a Bloodmoon mod list I have kept it to the Northern part of Morrowind - I.e Khuul, Dagon Fel upwards. Khuul because its the place where you set out for Solsthiem and Dagon Fell because its essentailly a Nord town.

Horker Island

Dagon Fel Mill

Abandoned Well at Dagon Fell

The Raven

More Detailed places: Khuul

Elyndas Winter Wear

Redaynia Village

Bloody Oath

Morning Star Islands

Of Justice and Innocence

Northern Winds

Dagon's Folly

Tos Caverns

Sheogorad Alchemist

Dungeon Expansion

The Mountains of Ever Winter

Town of Vogar

Riek Island - Dead link


Anglachel, The crazy witch hunter


Solsthiem Mage Tower


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