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Mercahnt Madness

A mod list that focuses on merchants/traders/investors/making money/owning stuff.

It includes things like: mines you can own and make money from, merchant affecting mods (like giving them more money, less money ect..), Economy mods for the insightful merchant, Slave mods, crafting mods, fed ex mods, personality mods, mercentile mods ect.....


35 Classes that should already exist by Holey Studios. Inlucdes a "merchant Prince" class
Extra classes by master1076. Adds the Merchant and Trader class as playable

Places you can own and make money from

PC Clothier - Balmora by AimeeKae. With this mod, your character can become the owner of a clothier shop and make money from it! Other features include hiring an assasitant to help you make money!
PC Clothier - Balmora Patch by Aimeekae. Fixes bugs with a few of the scripts and fixes problems with the assistant. Requires PC CLothier
Erengard Mines by Graphite. Allows the player to own a Diamond mine which they can make money from. Features included: buying equipment, hiring miners, providing food and drinks, hiring guards and building installations.
PC Smithy - Ebonheart by aimeekae.With this mod, your character can become the owner of an armor and weapons shop. You can sell regular or enchanted weapons and armor found in the Original Morrowind game (but not the expansions.)
Wayfarer's Rest by Baratheon79. This mod allows the player to gain an inn, located along the road from Pelagiad to Balmora, and earn a profit from it. There is a quest to get this inn, and a couple more to improve it.
Racer's Roost by Barathon79. This mod adds a small tavern in Hla Oad for the player to buy and make money from
The Broken Drum by Nimrod_Flamehair. This plugin adds a new tavern near Ebonheart, including new characters, objects, dialogue, live music and new mini-quests. You will have the opportunity to buy the tavern know as the Broken Drum! As owner you will have certain new options. The whole mod is inspired by Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" books, so if you're familiar with these books, you will encounter well-known characters.
The Farming mod 4.3 by Josh The Farmer Mod is a plug-in for Morrowind that allows the you to begin a career in the farming business. The Farmer Mod aims to completely flesh out the many facets of the career to provide maximum flexibility in playing style. Hire farmhands and purchase small fields for the duration of your money drought. After that, try buying or hiring slaves, slave masters, plantation guards, pack guars, and larger fields. Maybe you will become known. Join the Farmer's Guild and raise in the ranks as your fellow farmers praise you.
Pelagiad Bookstore by Sildra. Adds a bookstore to Pelagiad, which the player may aquire and make a profit from. Still currently considered a BETA release.
Nimawia Pearl Farm- Own a pearl farm.

Making a profit from creating items.

Lucky Lockup Additions by Midgetalien. Adds the ability to make Rum and sell it to make a profit. A few quests to also have ingrediants delivered. You must be in great house Hlaalu.  Features include: a game of shells, gamble and test your luck and try to win. A new Drink "lucky Lockup Rum". A new skill "Rum Making", adds the ability to make the Rum. A few short Quests regarding the making of the Rum and getting ingrdiants delivered. A way for the player to make a little gold
Vvardenfell Druglord by fliggerty. A series of quests involving the operation of an illegal skooma lab. This mod involves the skooma production process, the political aspects of becoming a druglord, and the legal problems involved.
Moon Sugar Plantation by Danjb. Adds a small plantation north-west of Caldera - a plantation that grows moon sugar! The plantation is owned by a Khajit, who also lets the player use his refiner to turn moon sugar into skooma. Features include: Blackmailing the farmer for more goods. Reporting the farmer to the Imperial Legion, or personally arresting him. Buying the plantation. Hiring someone to collect the Moon Sugar for you. Wild Moon Sugar Cane around Morrowind
Morrowind Crafting by Toccatta and Drac. Morrowind Crafting is an RP mod which attempts to improve the role-playing experience of Morrowind without unbalancing it. The various "skills" added by Morrowind Crafting allow the player to create over 1230 different items. The skill advancement formulas and training system are designed so that advancement of crafting skills blends in seamlessly with Morrowind's standard skills.
Complete Morrowind Full (Tribunal & Bloodmoon) by MAX A.K.A Nobody. Similar to Morrowind Crafting this mod allows the player to craft items through cooking, crafting, sewing and other methods. It also adds mining and woodcutting similar to Morrowind Crafting.


Nemon's Vvardenfell Co-operation. Have you ever wondered WHERE Ra'virr gets his goods? Or where nearly every other trader receives their goods?This mod places a warehouse SE of Ebonheart, with a faction you can join for an unlimited amount of delivering-assignements.
Balmora Fighters Club by Phluphwitt Limebarte. Gamble your money!! You can either lose or make money from this mod. Buts its a gamble you going to have to take :D
The Gambler by Fliggerty. There is a dice game called Che-han that is played all over Tamriel, mostly played by soldiers and in taverns. The game is simple: a small cup contains two dice. Once a wager is made, the cup holder chooses either even or odd. When the dice are rolled, whether the sum of the pips showing is even or odd determines the winner. This mod is dependent upon Morrowind Graphics Extender (MGE)
Consignment Chests by REX  little - nice way to get merchants to buy armor/weapons in 'installments' when their barter budget is less than the value of the item.


Improved Bartering by Fliggerty. Improved Bartering aims to make trading, buying, and selling in Morrowind a more immersive experience. First of all, merchants will no longer have a predefined, specific amount of gold to barter with each day. They will have a random amount that will be anywhere from none to a bit over double what they would normally have. This way, the more upscale merchants will still have the potential to have quite a bit of gold, and the slum merchants still won't have much. This will affect any NPC that barters, mod added ones included. This mod is dependent upon Morrowind Graphics Extender (MWSE)
Merchant Investments by Fliggerty. It has been suggested that someone try to imitate the "merchant investing" system implemented in Oblivion.Most merchants will now have the dialogue topic "Invest in your business." Selecting this will allow you to donate gold to increase that merchant's available barter gold.You can only ever donate 10x your current mercantile skill. This mod is dependent upon Morrowind Graphics Extender (MWSE)

Trade Enhancements V3.3 by Piratelord. PTE attempts to balance out the games economy (within the confines of the game) by removing the obvious things that can be abused such as traders with infinite stock, item prices, merchant skills, some objects that are easy to steal and rebalancing/expanding loot lists.
It also includes some new armour as a bonus and has a unique feature where traders have time based themed randomised respawning stock, so no two games are the same.

you cant make money from them, but its still an invenstment kinda.

Special Slave Companions by Emperor. This plugin places a trader in Suran (Suran Slave Market top floor, to be specific) that sells special slaves. These slaves should be the pride of all self-respecting slave owners: They can serve as bodyguards, fighting in style of your choice, follow, guard, wait, move out of the way, levitate, warp around the player if lost.
Farmer Mod 4.0 Special Slave Companions 2.0 Compatibility Patch by fliggerty. All this patch does is adds a second floor to the Suran Slave Market, where the special slave companions were. PLEASE NOTE: This requires the Farmer mod 4.0, NOT 4.3 which is avaible. Fliggerty has kindly linked to the Farmer mod 4.0. Which can be downloaded here.
Companion Slaves by Vague Blur. A tiny mod that does the following: Makes "Companion Share" available for all Slave Class NPCs.Gives all Slave Class NPCs the ability to wait or follow.Additionally gives Ciralinde, Davina and Jadier Mannick (available from Savile Imayn in Tel Aruhn) the abilities to dance and to fight one another.

Also i reconmend visiting the Mercantile modlist. It insipred me to create this modlist

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